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How deep learning enhances machine vision applications

May 25, 2022 02:00 PM CEST

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Learn about the hardware and software that is helping to streamline development and deployment of AI applications. For users seeking to accelerate time to market, these best-in-class tools from Hailo and UP Bridge the Gap will reduce development time and effort, while reaching unprecedented levels of AI performance for edge devices.

Hailo, a leading Artificial Intelligence chipmaker, has developed a specialized AI processor that delivers the performance of a data center-class computer to edge devices. The Hailo-8 M.2 AI Module delivers 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS) at a record-breaking average rate of 2.5 watt. UP Bridge the Gap has partnered with Hailo so the latest UP platforms are compatible with the Hailo-8 AI Module to run deep learning and computer vision applications quickly and efficiently at the edge.

What to expect in this webinar:

1. How to configure UP products with Hailo AI Modules

2. Introduction to the various Hailo AI Module form factors and options

3. In-depth explanation of the Hailo software:

  • Model zoo: deep learning code and pre-trained models for computer vision tasks
  • Hailo TAPPAS (Template APPlications And Solutions): an easy-to-use framework for application development in Python and C++
  • Hailo runtime software library (HailoRT)
  • Hailo Dataflow compiler (Hailo DFC)

Are you interested to have the products on hand and test them in advance so you can get the most out of this webinar? Purchase the compatible UP Products ( UP Squared Pro, UP Squared 6000, UP Xtreme i11) with the Hailo AI Module as an add-on in our UP Shop.

About our Speakers:
Daniele Cleri - AI & IoT Software @AAEON Europe
Daniele Cleri

AI & IoT Software @AAEON Europe

Joined AAEON Europe in 2018, Daniele works professionally with Linux since 2006 and as a user since 2000. With 10 years of experience in Embedded Systems, his knowledge ranges from Build Systems like Yocto, to IoT Systems and Architectures, including AI applications on Edge Devices.

Chen Loewy - VP of customer success @Hailo
Chen Loewy

VP of customer success @Hailo

More than 20 years in Software and Customer facing roles Mainly the communication world - Bluetooth and WiFi.

Date: Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Time: 14:00 (CEST)