AI Traffic Monitoring System

As more cities turn to Smart City solutions, AAEON is helping accelerate deployment with innovative design, hardware integration and leveraging software solutions from our partners to create a complete total package solution. One example of this is our AI Road Monitoring Solution, which combines the energy efficient AI acceleration of Intel® Movidius® Myriad™ X with the flexibility of 4G LTE and Wireless communication to enable deployment and processing at the edge.

Hardware and Software Integration
AAEON solutions focus on delivering both hardware and software integration, making it easier for developers and users to quickly set up and deploy platforms for their applications. The AI Road Monitoring Solution provides hardware integration by combining the Intel® Atom™ processor with the Intel® Movidius® Myriad™ X VPU accelerator to power AI processing at the edge, along with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE communication to reduce infrastructure costs and provide flexible Edge IoT network setups. Software integration allow AAEON to deliver a total solution, from dashboard customization, cloud ready setup and by partnering with AI software providers including Gorilla to deliver the inference and models required. With hardware and software integrated into a single package, city governments can find everything they need to get their Smart City applications running quickly.

Smart Street Lighting

IP Cam & Image Analysis

Air Quality Data Collection

Digital Signage Content Management

Rugged Design Deployable Anywhere
AAEON leverages our experience and expertise in designing rugged systems built to work anywhere. The AI Road Monitoring Solution is no exception, able to operate in a range of environments in any kind of weather. The system is also designed to utilize a range of mounting attachments for flexible deployment, from a range of light pole designs to wall-mounted applications. The system can also be tailored for a variety of heights and angles to ensure a clear picture and reliable AI Edge processing.

Accelerating Proof of Concept
For developers and cities needing a system quick to design their proof-of-concept, AAEON can quickly dispatch a sample system for evaluation. The AI Road Monitoring Solution is easily customizable to adapt to specific deployment needs such as custom mechanical housing design, ability to connect with additional sensors and other Edge IoT devices, and even adding or removing features to ensure compliance with privacy and data protection laws. The AI Road Monitoring Solution is also currently being further developed to include emerging technologies such as 5G cellular communication and “Vehicle to Everything” (V2X/DSRC), increasing the effectiveness of Smart City solutions.