Discover the potential of artificial intelligence in machine vision.

Full Introduction

Wahtari is a solution provider for computer vision with strong emphasis on IT security and data safety. As experts in software development and Artificial Intelligence, we created a hardware and software ecosystem with powerful tools for developers as well as robust complete solutions for industry.

Because of the extensive possibilities, Wahtari specialized in AI from the very beginning. Developing image recognition systems that could perform precise quality checks with the highest recognition accuracy is our passion.

Wahtari combined traditional computer vision techniques with Convolutional Deep Neural Networks (CDNN). The reduction in inspection time as well as the accuracy and effectiveness compared to manual optical inspection are enormous.

nCam, can process up to 160 images per second and achieves a recognition accuracy of over 98%. Our AI-based image recognition systems are particularly suitable for precise quality control and automation tasks.

Since its founding in 2019, Wahtari has successfully realized various projects. These include solutions for cable surface analysis for cable production (nLine), residual bark detection on logs for the paper industry (nWood), quality assurance of FFP2 masks, high-speed license plate recognition for traffic monitoring and many more.

In addition to our image recognition systems and plug & play solutions for the industry, we offer hardware and software from a single source. Our platform contains perfectly coordinated modular tools that facilitates work steps – for instance creating your own AI models (nLab) or implementing your own apps (nGin). Thus, they are the perfect basis for developing individual AI vision solutions.

We believe that the right tools are the key to efficient solutions and that simplicity leads to perfection. That’s why we take special care to ensure that all our products are easy to use, have few system components, are plug and play and can be easily installed and operated.

Industry Focus:
Quality Control and ITS across wide range of vertical markets including automotive, pharmacy, automation, transportation, agriculture, etc.
Product Portfolio
Wahtari nCam

Embedded in an aluminum housing with sophisticated passive cooling, the powerful nCam is one of the most compact high-end vision AI systems on the market. The nCam can be easily configured for industry-specific problems and offers highest performance even under harshest (weather) conditions. In addition to up to three integrated Intel Movidius Myriad X VPUs and a CPU based on the Intel x86_64 architecture, our nCam now also supports processors from NVIDIA.

nGin SDK

As an intelligent engine for edge devices, the nGin SDK simplifies the addressing of nCam functions and enables the hybrid execution of image processing algorithms and CNN, independent of the hardware platform. Thus, there are no limits to the creative development of individual machine vision solutions.

nLab Deep Learning Platform

The soon-to-be-available Deep Learning platform nLab offers a comprehensive toolbox for the development of AI models. With its clear user interface and AI-powered automated operations, it is a powerful tool for any company that wants to take charge of its own AI models.

nBox Hardware Platform

Our nBox, which is available in two different versions, offers the perfect hardware ecosystem for the realization of your own edge AI solution. For demanding computational tasks and training of AI models, the nBox Ti is the right choice, whereas the nBox i is a compact gateway for field installation. Standardized interfaces like USB 3.1 Gen1 Vision or GigE Vision or Wahtari-specific interfaces (nGin) allow easy integration into your system.

nLine Cable Line Inspection

The nLine cable inspection solution enables 360° on-the-edge quality inspection of a wide range of parameters at production speeds of over 90 km per hour. We realize highest throughputs, lowest latencies, 100% documentation and best data security. A special auto-train feature allows convenient training of target parameters based on a few good examples.

nWood Log Inspection

The log inspection solution Wahtari nWood can analyse and document different parameters and quality characteristics (bark ratio, log size and volume) simultaneously and in real time. Many times more powerful and precise than the human eye, the system inspects under industrial conditions, during operation and around the clock.