A Product for enhanced Situational Awareness

ONG-IT GmbH, founded in 1997, is an Austrian based solution provider for integrated AI-based Video Analytics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). SAIMOS® - Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operations Security - is ONG-IT’s next-generation platform approach powered by AI, Video Analytics and GIS.

SAIMOS® Video Analytics is server-based and utilizes Intel® CPUs as well as Intel® VPUs (Intel® Movidius™), with no GPU’s needed! This approach enables a very attractive TCO and ROI to our customers. Further, we also provide Video Analytics on the Edge (currently for Security & Safety).

Our Video Analytics solutions convert unstructured video data into actionable data and provides the required business intelligence. SAIMOS® was the first and still is the only Video Analytic Solution which has true seamless integration with Milestone XProtect® (world’s leading VMS vendor). During MIPS 2019 in Copenhagen, SAIMOS was awarded Milestone Solution Partner of the Year, EMEA! Further, in 2020 we became a member of the Intel® IoT Solution Alliance Video Specialist program, which is on invite only!

The goal of SAIMOS® is to leverage the possibilities of complex technologies, in the simplest way possible, to enable effective solutions for users. SAIMOS® eyes the companies and end consumers who require protecting and/or managing their assets and operations. Having its roots back in 1997, our GIS and system integration competence combined with a strong expertise in infrastructure projects (during the whole project’s life cycle) enables us to deliver state-of-the-art technologies and support to various industry segments. We also offer consultancy services before implementing SAIMOS® solutions in order to plan for an optimized setup.

Industry Focus:
Security, Retail, Critical Infrastructure, Transportation, Environmental, Banking, Campus, Smart Buildings, Smart City, Safe City
Product Portfolio
SAIMOS® Perimeter

SAIMOS® C3 Core Perimeter for Milestone XProtect® effectively and reliably protects indoor and outdoor areas against unwanted intrusion. The flexible rule system offers many possibilities to implement area monitoring efficiently for 2 zones and can be upgraded to advanced functionality.

Modern detection based on artificial intelligence ensures weather-independent 24 x 7 operation with standard IP, infrared, thermal imaging or embedded cameras. The system is fully integrated into Milestone XProtect® Essential+ or higher via Plug-In and can be configured directly within the Milestone XProtect® Management Client. The simple scene calibration and rule definition allows an initial configuration within just a few minutes.

SAIMOS® Object

SAIMOS® C3 Core Object detects left or removed objects in indoor scenarios. Customized configuration of target object sizes and detection parameters allow optimal adoption to individual application scenarios. SAIMOS® C3 Core Object is used to analyze emergency exits, escape routes, service passages or server rooms. However, the surveillance of critical areas for example in shops, museums or airports are additional fields of application for C3 Core Object.

The system is fully integrated into Milestone XProtect® Essential+ or higher via Plug-In and can be configured directly within the Milestone XProtect® Management Client.

SAIMOS® Count 2D/3D

SAIMOS® C3 Core Count is based on reliable and robust object counting and contains extensive statistical analysis,visualization and reports. This powerful package offers easy to configure real-time analysis in a modern design. Sample use cases are counting, heat-mapping and occupancy monitoring considering multiple cameras.

The system is fully integrated into Milestone XProtect® Essential+ or higher via Plug-In and can be configured directly within the Milestone XProtect® Management Client

SAIMOS® Face Analytics

SAIMOS® Face Analytics for Milestone XProtect® effectively and reliably detects and recognises faces. The simple rule system offers many possibilities to implement face analytics throughout various industries. For example, Face Analytics can be used for access control, backlisting of shoplifters, etc.

SAIMOS® Face Analytics uses state-of-the-art AI systems to detect, recognize and compare faces. It’s optimised for Intel® PU’s, Intel® MovidiusTM Vision Processing Units and GPU. The user-friendly interface provides step-by-step configuration enabling fast setup times as well as alarming and reporting from within Milestone.

Potential use cases specialise on real time alerting (based on black-/whitelist) and flexible reporting of detected and recognized faces as. Also, forensic analysis for investigations are supported.

Now you can fully use SAIMOS® Face Analytics from within Milestone XProtect® by simply installing our SAIMOS® Video Analytics Plugin for Milestone! The system is fully integrated into Milestone XProtect® Essential+ or higher and can be configured

directly from within the Milestone XProtect® Management Client. The simple scene calibration and rule definition allows an initial configuration within just a few minutes.

Pop-up alarm windows with sound are integrated within the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client.

Face features are stored as binary vectors from which faces cannot be reconstructed and thus supports personal data protection.

SAIMOS® License Plate Recognition

SAIMOS® LPR is a flexible and scalable license plate recognition based on AI / Deep Learning for professional users in various industries. It’s running on CPU’S – no GPU required. Our LPR module is scalable – from freeflow traffic towards parking scenarios.

The following functionalities are available:

  • Automated License Plate Recognition (ANPR / LPR)
  • License plate Search & Reports (count, time, etc.)
  • Live- and Forensics mode
  • Blacklist/Whitelist
  • Alarm notifications via pop-up window
  • I/O connectivity toward barriers and other equipment

SAIMOS® LPR is characterized by stability, high quality of results, simple configuration, VMS integration (Milestone XProtect®, SiVMS) and excellent support.

Individually customized versions or extensions are possible.

SAIMOS® Scrambler

SAIMOS® Scrambler is certified by an approved Austrian civil engineer and reliably scrambles moving objects and/or static areas within video streams. This functionality was developed to enable the protection of privacy in a monitored area.

SAIMOS® Scrambler is configured via a user-friendly, browser-based interface with an appealing design.

Automatic camera recognition and simple setup with polygonal shapes directly in the live video view enable basic configuration within a few minutes. SAIMOS® Scrambler supports seamless integration with video management systems.

With our dynamic blurring approach, operators to maintain full control of a scene, while not being able to identify individuals. We’ve chosen the approach of full object blurring (instead of face only) as individuals still might be identifiable due to their clothing or style of walking.

SAIMOS® Scrambler is used for maintaining privacy in public areas but also for example in VIP areas in which you don’t want an operator to see who is whom.

SAIMOS® Control Center

SAIMOS® Control Center provides enhanced Situational Awareness by combining VMS, Video Analytics and Sensor Data with geospatial analytics within a GIS environment (outdoor & indoor).

SAIMOS® Control Center integrates Video Analytics, LiDAR, Radar and a GIS environment into Milestone XProtect to provide operators an enhanced Situational Awareness. The XProtect integrated map-centric display provides relevant Alarms and Events to operators. Functionalities like Perimeter Protection / Intrusion Detection / People Counting / Occupancy / Face Analytics / LPR are available within SAIMOS® for various usages. The goal is to optimise OPEX as well as the security of assets

SAIMOS® WatchBox

Our SAIMOS®WatchBox is your next generation alarm system. Observe and automatically, control the boundaries of your property by video cameras coming along with the SAIMOS® WatchBox. Featuring intelligent Video Analytics, human intruders are detected at an early stage allowing the SAIMOS® WatchBox to submit an alarm. In that respect, “early stage” means at your properties border, before an intruder reaches your building.

SAIMOS®WatchBox alarms can besent by e-mail, to our WatchBox App, to your Milestone Mobile Client or also to your existing alarm system. Further, our solution operates either complementary with an existing traditional alarm system or your independent video based alarm system.

Your SAIMOS® WatchBox can also immediately react on intrusion alarms by triggering voice messages via eventually installed loudspeakers. Burglars and other unwanted persons are scared away immediately!

Furthermore, potential alarms can be hooked up with a Security Operation Center, which can handle the alarms for you!