AAEON Systems Leverage Greater Security Benefits from Partnership with Allxon

New partnership allows users to leverage the benefits of remote device management with robust IoT security software to keep their data and edge applications safe.

AAEON, a leader in Edge Computing hardware solutions, continues to grow their partnership with Allxon. Allxon recently announced their partnership with Trend Micro to deliver industry-leading cybersecurity software for systems running NVIDIA® Jetson™ JetPack 4.6 and onward. Through its cooperation with Allxon, AAEON has become the first Edge IoT hardware manufacturer to support Allxon remote device management with Trend Micro security on box PCs powered by NVIDIA Jetson SOMs.

The quickly growing popularity of Edge AI devices has attracted the rapid emergence of AI and IoT threats. In light of recent high-profile attacks, it is becoming more apparent that a multi-layered approach to data security at both the cloud and the edge is needed. For this reason, Allxon has partnered with Trend Micro, integrating the Trend Micro IoT Security (TMIS) into Allxon’s suite of remote device management tools.

Allxon remote device management enables the prevention of cyberattacks on every AAEON platform and provides developers and customers with an important solution to deploy Edge AI applications based on the Jetson platform securely in the field.

Through AAEON’s partnership with Allxon, clients who purchase AAEON BOXER-8200AI series systems powered by NVIDIA JetPack 4.6 will have access to this combination of remote monitoring with cybersecurity. The BOXER-8200AI systems each come with a link allowing users to download the Allxon trial suite. Users who wish to purchase the full version of the Allxon software can do so via Allxon. The NVIDIA JetPack 4.6 production release supports the full Jetson edge AI platform lineup, including the new Jetson AGX Xavier™ industrial module. It also includes support for NVIDIA Triton™ Inference Server, updated versions of CUDA®, cuDNN and TensorRT™, new over-the-air (OTA) updates and security features, and more.

“Our partnership with Allxon enables our clients to leverage TMIS to protect their AI Edge applications and provide vital data security,” said Alex Hsueh, Associate Vice President of AAEON’s System Platform Division. “AAEON is committed to providing customers with the tools they need to accelerate deployment, and by providing a direct connection between them and our partner Allxon, users don’t have to waste time looking for the right software solution for their application.”

AAEON and Allxon are both Preferred Partners in the NVIDIA Partner Network, working closely with NVIDIA to build and develop industry-leading solutions for the Jetson ecosystem.

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Allxon envisions a world of open and optimized business operations. Allxon partners with key IHV and ISV players by rolling out efficient open- edge device management solutions for powerful SI and MSP business enterprises. With team members rallying deep industry experience starting in 2001 in IaaS, 2011 in PaaS, and 2017 in SaaS, in 2019 established Allxon now stands firmly as a purely SaaS service provider. At each stage, Allxon seeks to leverage expertise in cloud service to provide businesses with the best of software and hardware integration and service.


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