AAEON’s Elite Platforms x Intel ARC Graphics: Reimagine the Possibilities

Taking advantage of the power of Intel® Arc™ graphics technology, AAEON now offers easy, discreet ways to enhance your project’s potential with the introduction of advanced graphics modules. Built on Xe HPG architecture and leveraging the latest in Intel graphics acceleration technology, both the GAR-A770 and MXM-ACMA give you the means to develop edge AI applications with greater sophistication than ever before.

Why Intel® Arc™?

DirectX 12 Ultimate

Get the most ultrarealistic simulations available via hardware accelerated ray tracing capabilities, utilize variable rate shading (VSR) for targeted rendering, and improve multi-object complex imaging with mesh shading technology.

Intel Deep Link Integration

Benefit from up to a 30% performance boost via intelligent power routing to ensure enhanced power allocation.

Hyper Compute

Take advantage of a 24% increase in video processing speed by harnessing multiple compute engines.

Xe HPG Microarchitecture

32 Xe-cores and 8 render slices

Ray Tracing Technology

32 Ray Tracing Units

Intel® Deep Link Technologies

Hyper Compute, Hyper Encode, and Stream Assist

Intel® XMX

512 Xe Matrix Extensions Engines

Vulkan 1.3 Support

High-performance graphics rendering

oneAPI Support

Vendor and architecture-agnostic development toolkits



Introducing the GAR-A770, an advanced graphics card with Intel® Arc™ A770 GPU architecture, designed to raise the ceiling of high-performance computing. With a platform featuring 32 Xe-Cores and 8 Render Slices, the GAR-A770 delivers industry-leading speed and rendering quality. Complete with advanced technologies such as 32 Ray Tracing Units, 16GB GDDR6 Memory with a 256-bit interface, and support for AV1, H.264, H.265, and VP9 encoding/decoding, the GAR-A770 is capable of taking both graphics and video processing tasks to new heights.

The GAR-A770 comes equipped with 512 Intel® XMX Engines, Xe Vector Engines, and grants access to a plethora of developer tools with which to enhance applications, including Variable Rate Shading (VSR), DirectX 12 Ultimate, Vulkan 1.3, and OpenGL 4.6.

With Adaptive Sync for smooth visuals and Intel Deep Link Technologies for enhanced compute, encode, and streaming capabilities, the GAR-A770 is a versatile solution for applications designed to handle heavy workloads.

The card’s compact dimensions (99mm x 291mm x 42mm) make it suitable for various system configurations, while its recommended 550W PSU presents substantial power for the execution of demanding tasks. Compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10, and featuring PCIe 4.0 support, the Intel Arc A770 Graphics card is an elite graphics solution to elevate performance.

Introducing the MXM-ACMA, an Embedded MXM 3.1 Type A Module featuring the powerful Intel® Arc™ A370M and Intel® Arc™ A350M GPUs. Designed for embedded single-board applications, the MXM-ACMA brings efficiency and power together in a space-efficient 82mm x 70mm form factor.

The MXM-ACMA offers users the choice between Intel® Arc™ A370M GPU performance, comprised of 8 Xe-cores and 2 render slices at 35W ~ 50W, and the Intel® Arc™ A350M GPU at 25W-35W, demonstrating exceptional flexibility and allowing developers to precisely match the needs of their project, whatever its requirements.

Equipped with 4GB of GDDR6 memory, a 64-bit interface, and a bandwidth of 112GB/s, the MXM-ACMA ensures efficient, yet potent data handling and rendering capabilities. Given its compact 82mm x 70mm form factor, the MXM-ACMA can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of embedded solutions, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a powerful yet compact graphics acceleration solution.