With AAEON, the Future of Robotics is Now Robotics Solutions eBook

The future of robotics is now. With long-term support for the latest software development stacks, multifaceted security protocols, compatibility with advanced communication interfaces, and access to the newest technologies from the world’s premier chip providers, AAEON produces tailored, integrated robotics solutions to elevate what’s possible. Explore what AAEON is doing to innovate the robotics landscape.

Automated Security Patrol
360-Degree Thermal Camera

AI-Enhanced Functions

Unique Laser Sensor

Bring 24-hour monitoring and surveillance for commercial

buildings through embedded controller-powered units

with 24-hour operation, 360° recording and analysis,

and path-planned patrol capabilities.

Secure deployment made easy.

Autonomous Mobile Robots
Advanced Edge AI Performance
Advanced Edge AI Performance
Streamlining Smart Factory Logistics
Streamlining Smart Factory Logistics
Enhanced Safety and Efficiency
Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

Advanced onboard edge AI performance gives autonomous mobile robots (AMR)

the ability to move, detect, and react to their surroundings,

application ecosystems to not only execute tasks, interacting with

but determine when, how, and why. Navigate the future of automation.

AI-Assisted Crowd Management
Accurate Object Identification
Accurate Object Identification
Efficient Image Processing
Efficient Image Processing
Complete 360° Visibility
Complete 360° Visibility

Power-efficient image processing units can utilize

AI inferencing to measure crowd density and

customer foot traffic using fisheye cameras for total area coverage

and accurate object identification.

Get the full picture.

What AAEON Can Provide

Sensors, cameras, and communication protocols for LiDAR, SLAM mapping, actuator coordination, and collision detection for autonomous navigation and accurate task execution.

Cross-vendor support for software development resources such as the NVIDIA Isaac™ and the ROS2 Wrapper for Intel® RealSense™ Devices to build ROS frameworks and simplify hardware integration.

Pioneering AI functionality across robotics, from integrated GPUs capable of advanced inferencing to flexible, modular “+AI” platforms that augment the capabilities of legacy systems.