Bring the power and versatility of Nvidia SoCs in a range of configurations for AI@Edge.

Our embedded PCs with acceleration powered by the Intel® Movidius® Myriad™ X VPU.

AAEON Google Edge TPU AI Solutions, powered by the Google® Edge TPU™

Explore our range of ASIC solutions designed for AI Edge acceleration.

NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX Play Button
Unboxing AAEON AI Edge Solutions with NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX
Unboxing BOXER-8240AI | Jetson AGX Xavier Play Button
Unboxing Boxer 8240AI, Embedded BOX PC with AGX Xavier
Unboxing UP Squared Pro Play Button
Unboxing UP Squared Pro
VPC-3350AI Play Button
Unboxing VPC-3350AI
Our AI Partners

AAEON works closely with our clients and partners to help develop hardware solutions for their Artificial Intelligence applications. With our OEM/ODM support, AAEON is the hardware partner you’re looking for to bring AI projects to life.

The AI revolution is here and AAEON is at the forefront. With technology powering solutions like Smart Cities and intelligent security, AI is helping make greener cities, safer jobsites, and more efficient production lines. With leadership and experience in embedded platforms and edge computing, AAEON is developing and producing the hardware to power these AI systems.